Keynote Session 3

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 3:30–5:00 pm
MesseForum, 2nd floor

Keynote: KID POWER: Why professional cable car marketing targeted at children and families requires responsibility, special expertise and a differentiated approach to the target group

Children and families are one of your most important target groups! What are the trends? What does the target group want? How can you make an impression in the age of YouTube and all-day animation?
Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz provides surprising insights into the lives of children and families, explains why mountains are definitely still “in”, and what you can do to ensure customer loyalty in the long term.

Keynote Speaker:
Mag. Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz
worked in leading global roles for McDonald’s for many years before founding kids&fun consulting. Among other things, the business graduate headed up the “Happy Meal” sector from the USA for the global market, and was then responsible for McDonald’s family marketing in Europe. Her long-standing expertise with the kids and family target groups makes Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz a sought-after expert in this sector.