IBS Scherer GmbH (Hall B.0 / Booth B0.12)

IBS system parts cleaning - the solution that works!

"Parts cleaning" in the sense of metal cleaning and degreasing is "daily bread" in almost every maintenance workshop or department. For many service, production or plant managers, however, parts cleaning is the "least important minor matter in the world", provided - and this is the catch - it works! Why complicate when it can be simple? IBS-Gerätetechnik has everything you need for industrial small parts cleaning. A specially developed brush wash stand, a patented self-priming IBS special pump that also conveys abrasive media, an IBS cleaning brush and a drum filled with IBS special cleaner.

This basic equipment is available from IBS Scherer in many sizes and designs. Special designs are also possible at any time - thanks to production of all components in our own production plant. IBS Scherer GmbH is an owner-managed, medium-sized, German company headquartered in Gau-Bickelheim, Germany. For more than 50 years, IBS Scherer has been convincing maintenance, production and manufacturing as the cleaning professional with environmentally friendly complete solutions for cleaning small parts contaminated with oil and grease.

What looks so simple from the outside is no witchcraft in the barrel either. While you press the foot switch and brush off the contaminated parts, the dirty cleaning liquid flows back into the barrel, separates by itself, and the "dirt" settles on the bottom of the barrel. At the same time, clean cleaning chemical is sucked in from the center of the drum via the pump. This is practical, environmentally friendly and works for a long time. IBS special cleaners are excellent for removing grease and oil. They have the best creeping properties, infiltrate the dirt and dissolve even stubborn soiling with absolute ease. Without attacking the soiled metal parts. The cleaners based on petroleum distillates are excellent for cleaning all kinds of dirt.

You can talk a lot about quality. Or let others speak for them. IBS system solutions comply with all German and European standards and regulations - as GS certification and the CE mark prove. And the cleaning chemistry? Independent expert opinions confirm: In terms of skin compatibility and air concentration, workplace safety is guaranteed with IBS. As full-service specialists, we offer our customers a system that is not only simple and safe to use, but above all extremely effective and economical. In the words of our customers "It works. As a reliable partner to our customers, we solve problems and do not create new ones. After all, who needs a solution that doesn't work?