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INTERALPIN 2023: The world's leading trade fair proves its global power

The presence of all the key players in the international ropeway and alpine technology industry, the premieres of world firsts and innovative technologies and the high level of interest shown by trade visitors and decision-makers from all continents, including the Indian Minister for Transport and high-ranking international business delegations, underpinned INTERALPIN's position as the leading industry platform.

Innsbruck, 21 April 2023. After a four-year break due to Covid-19, the 24th edition of INTERALPIN demonstrated its enduring global strength and appeal as the world's leading trade fair. For three days, the Alpine metropolis of Innsbruck became the centre of the ropeway and alpine technology industry for more than 35,000 trade visitors from all over the world. “I am extremely pleased that INTERALPIN 2023 was able to continue playing its important role as the most international meeting place for the industry and has been confirmed by trade visitors as the world's leading trade fair for alpine technologies. The industry’s innovative power is impressive, and the innovations, concepts and solutions presented by around 650 exhibiting companies from over 50 nations reached audiences from all over the world. My sincere thanks go to all the exhibitors and partners as well as the many trade visitors,” concludes Director Christian Mayerhofer, Managing Director of the host, Congress Messe Innsbruck (CMI). “As a long-standing and essential partner, I am delighted that everything went without a hitch and that INTERALPIN 2023 was a complete success. Discussions with the companies present have revealed that very good deals were concluded at the trade fair. The innovations presented were excellently received by the ropeway companies and other target groups at INTERALPIN. The ropeway industry has been investing in sustainability for many years and is optimistic about the future,” adds Dr Erik Wolf, Managing Director of the Professional Association of Austrian Cable Cars (WKO).

Global decision-makers invested heavily
The particularly high quality of the trade visitors who travelled to the fair highlighted why INTERALPIN is the world's leading platform for the industry: the proportion of top decision-makers was around 75 percent, as shown by an independent visitor survey conducted during the trade fair. The reasons for the high proportion of quality trade visitors included the presence of all the market-leading big players, the many new products being launched by manufacturers, the comprehensive overview of all industry-relevant brands and the opportunity to make important international contacts. The exhibiting companies achieved a corresponding level of success: over 80 percent of the decision-makers came to the trade fair with concrete investment plans, as shown by the visitor survey.

Delegations and ministers: share of international trade visitors at over 65 percent
INTERALPIN 2023 was able to ratify its prestigious reputation as the world's leading trade fair with an international trade visitor share of over 65 percent. The access control system for Messe Innsbruck recorded registrations from over 120 nations. In addition to Austria, the range of countries of origin included established core markets, such as France, Italy, Germany, the US, Japan, Argentina and Switzerland, as well as fast-growing markets of the future like India, China, Turkey and other representatives from the Near and Middle East, Central and East Asia and South America. The most prominent international visitor was the Indian Minister for Transport and Traffic, His Excellency Nitin Gadkari, who arrived with a large delegation and a number of investment projects, including solutions for alpine tourism use or public transport in urban centres.

Thematic leadership further extended: sustainability as an important quality feature
In addition to the innovative trade fair presence of the exhibiting companies and brands, INTERALPIN 2023 was able to expand its role as the industry's thematic leader. Right from the very first day, the Austrian Ropeway Conference pointed out which issues are significant now and which will become even more relevant in the future. Under the title “Sustainability – Ecology, Economy and Social Issues” , workshops dealt with topics like energy autonomy for cable cars or new ways of tourist mobility. Sustainability was also a major theme for the INTERALPIN INSPIRATION DAYS that took place in parallel to the trade fair. The outlook for European tourism was already outlined during the keynote speakers session. The topic of sustainability in alpine tourism went into even more detail. “Prominent speakers, such as Dr Eduardo Santander, Director of the European Travel Commission, or one of the most successful and creative ski resort operators Jakob (Jack) Falkner, ensured great international resonance,” reports INTERALPIN Project Manager Stefan Kleinlercher. The meetings of the International Organisation for Transportation by Rope (OITAF) and the International Federation of National Associations of Ropeway and Cableway Operators (FIANET) were also held concurrently with INTERALPIN.

“Peak Experience” with high overall satisfaction
Now it's time for INTERALPIN to continue on its successful path, adds Mayerhofer: “The great response from the industry and the high level of interest from trade visitors give us a clear mandate to take the success story of INTERALPIN as a 'Peak Experience' and go a step further again when it comes to its 25th edition in 2025.” Overall, more than 90 percent of trade visitors gave INTERALPIN 2023 top marks, as confirmed by the visitor survey.

SAVE THE DATE INTERALPIN 2025: 6-9 May 2025, Messe Innsbruck.



Julia Schwärzler (Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group):

“We were very pleased that INTERALPIN could finally take place again. We brought a variety of innovations with us, such as two new ropeway systems and a brand new cabin, and presented them to the world. The quality of the trade visitors was excellent, guests came to our stand from all over the world, and we were able to talk about concrete projects relating to our innovations. INTERALPIN is the leading international trade fair for alpine technologies, and we are already looking forward to the next edition in 2025.”

Michael Tanzer (LEITNER):

“INTERALPIN is the world's largest and most important trade fair for the industry and a highlight for us. For three days, we have the opportunity to welcome an international audience, present our new products and advise customers from India to North America and Austria. We were able to engage in countless discussions with international customers and answer questions from ropeway operators as part of our HTI Innovation Corner. Due to the high level of attendance by international visitors and the size of the fair, INTERALPIN has proven itself as the leading international trade fair for the industry!”

Thilo Vogelgsang (Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG/PistenBully):

“After a four-year break due to Covid-19, the expectations for INTERALPIN were high, but we were also nervous about what the response would ultimately be. What went on at our stand was unbelievable: our international team was able to engage in many discussions, finalise agreements and take away a lot of positive energy. We were able to successfully present two new products, including our innovative quick-change milling machine. INTERALPIN is an extremely important trade fair for us and a leading trade fair on an international level."

Nemanja Dogo (TechnoAlpin):

“INTERALPIN is the most important trade fair for our industry and, as the world market leader, we should be there, we must be there, and we want to be there. This 24th edition was greatly anticipated in advance and the huge crowd of visitors was palpable right from the very first day of the trade fair. From the US to Canada, Kazakhstan and Europe, INTERALPIN was excellently received by international visitors from all over the world. Most of the ski resorts have done very well, investments have been made accordingly, plans have been put in place, and projects have been set up. INTERALPIN has 100% confirmed itself as the world's leading trade fair.”

Emanuel Wohlfahrter (SunKid):

“We came to INTERALPIN 2023 with huge expectations and they were absolutely met. We were able to welcome customers from all over the world, for example from Japan, China, Mexico and South Africa, to our stand and present our innovative new products. On the one hand, we were able to reach decision-makers from international markets, but, on the other, we also engaged with domestic customers from the leading ski resorts. We can confirm that no other trade fair in the world comes close to INTERALPIN – it is number one!”

Oliver Suter (Axess AG):

“There were an incredible number of visitors from all countries across the world at our stand. I can't think of a country where there is a ski resort and someone from there hasn't been to our stand. It's a fantastic feeling to finally be back at INTERALPIN! Digitalisation has been extremely advanced by the pandemic, so we were able to successfully present our new ski wallet, for example, and many other innovations. The industry is back at INTERALPIN, and no other description than the world’s leading trade fair befits this 24th edition.”

Oskar Schenk (SUPERSNOW):

“Customers finally wanted to meet in person again and our expectations were accordingly high for INTERALPIN 2023. We were able to present our two major innovations – an innovative snow maker and a tower solution – at the same time as meeting our existing customers and finalising deals. Our expectations have been more than met! INTERALPIN is by far the most important trade fair for us.”

Marta Lozano (vonRoll hydro AG):

“INTERALPIN is the most important platform for the industry when it comes to presenting new ideas and innovations to an international audience. We are very happy that we were able to present our zerowaterloss solutions to an interested, high-quality expert audience and to contribute to the INTERALPIN INSPIRATION DAYS with a technical lecture. Our trade fair appearance was an absolute success, and we will definitely be back at INTERALPIN in 2025.”

Johannes Stadler (Remec AG):

“You could tell that the exhibiting companies and customers had been waiting to finally come back to INTERALPIN after four years – the atmosphere was great. We were able to forge relationships with contacts involved in international projects that are interesting to us as a software manufacturer. INTERALPIN is the leading trade fair in terms of its size and international nature.”

Horst Anton Kahlbacher (Kahlbacher Machinery):

“The great atmosphere at INTERALPIN 2023 was very enjoyable. We were able to make good use of the downtime due to Covid-19 and developed a new, innovative slope clearing machine, which we presented at our stand in the optimal way. The quality of the international trade audience was very high; both buyers and users came, with whom we could exchange ideas and convince them of our products. We are already looking forward to INTERALPIN 2025.”

Julien Guilloteau (IDM):

“At INTERALPIN, we presented numerous innovations and new products from the technical sector to visitors from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Scotland and Japan. It was therefore important for us to engage with technical managers from ski resorts. This worked very well due to the extremely international nature of INTERALPIN, and now we expect strong post-fair business. INTERALPIN is the most important trade fair for the industry.”

Nico Hechenberger (Mountain Innovations):

“INTERALPIN is the world’s most important industry trade fair, and for us as a new player on the market – presenting summer toboggan runs and other adventure offerings – it was, of course, important to be there and to network. Many entrepreneurs or managing directors of ropeway companies or tourism associations came to our stand, and we have seen successful results."

Pascal Türtscher (TrackSystems):

“We were at INTERALPIN for the first time to introduce the topic of electric mobility in the Alps to international trade visitors and to present brand new innovations. Our vehicles for sustainable transport at ski resorts were met with huge interest, and we are very excited about INTERALPIN 2023. We now expect strong post-fair business, as we were able to generate good leads and would like to return to INTERALPIN in 2025 with a bigger stand.”

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