INTERALPIN 2023 - The Leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies is back!

INTERALPIN is the world’s leading International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies. In addition to providing a central platform for presenting innovations, it is also a pilgrimage site for trade visitors from the cable car industry.The trade fair in Tyrol attracts visitors from around the globe keen to interact with market-leading manufacturers and innovative companies.

The INTERALPIN is thus a unique gathering, bringing together key players from the industry, additional service providers and decision-makers from the cable car industry.

INTERALPIN 2019 was incredibly successful, having attracted nearly 30,000 visitors from 117 different nations and around 650 exhibitors from 50 countries.

This makes INTERALPIN the most international trade fair in Austria!

At the next INTERALPIN in 2023, trendsetting products and developments, especially those launched over the last three years, will be presented to an international audience. There will also be information and discussion about lessons learned from the pandemic. 

We are delighted to welcome back the trade fair’s immense innovative and investment potential for the industry during INTERALPIN 2023.

For the INTERALPIN’23, please mark 19-21 April 2023 in your calendar!