GEA (Hall B.1 / Booth B105)


Skill Park

A bike trail, composed of different obstacles, that can be usable on any terrain and adaptable to any exigencies, thanks to the modular design of our platforms. To learn how to ride a bicycle in the best possible way, to be able to manage sudden situations, various and rough terrain types and different inclinations. To experiment in a controlled context many driving situations that are difficult to encounter on a city street or on the cycle path. The goal is to refine your bike driving technique, to improve your performance and progressing in training.


It is a performance track equipped with shapes of different sizes, that can be also sonorous. These obstacles are suitable for beginners and more experienced skiers. Elements that can characterise the tracks, creating greater interaction and increasing the number of passages. Obstacles that can be also customized, which flex and rotate and can be combined with tunnels, U-turns, spirals and jumps. Safe improvement and adrenaline are the goals!