GLOB SPORT (Hall O / Booth O03)

Fabryka Narzędzi GLOB Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of modern sports and recreation devices under the GLOB SPORT brand. Our production is based on several years of experience. We have manufactured almost 300 devices since 1979.

We are the manufacturer of modern ski lifts with high (POLGLOB 2B) and low rope guidance (POLGLOB 2P), including ski lifts with a modern hydraulic rope tensioning system (POLGLOB 1 T/H), up to the year-round lift (POLGLOB EXTREME), which is designed for extreme sports in both winter and summer. The SKI CONVEYOR belt conveyors we manufacture are used for transporting people up the ski slope and can be used both in winter and summer, depending on the needs.

The GLOB ROTOR carousels are a perfect addition to ski stations and smaller recreational centres. Our carousels can be used both in the winter season and in the summer season. We offer a range of spare parts, whose manufacture complies with the authorisations granted by the Transport Technical Supervision and the ISO system. We carry out repairs, upgrades, rope splicing, preparation for special tests and many other services.

Equipment of the GLOB SPORT brand is characterised by its lightweight and compact design, so there is no need to build an extensive infrastructure, while ensuring high throughput. The control installation and safety system components are based on microprocessor controllers and inductive sensors. Thanks to its experience in manufacturing high-quality products, the company has been awarded the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Through appropriate actions, our company is under constant supervision of the Transport Technical Supervision, which allows us to manufacture, modernise ski lifts and carry out training courses for the operation and maintenance of ski lifts and ropeways. In addition, our employees are authorised to perform steel rope splicing and structure welding by the Transport Technical Supervision.

Our production equipment is TÜV-certified and approved for use by the Transport Technical Supervision. From the beginning, we have focused on creating safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Hall O / Booth O03