HTI Innovation Corner (Hall D / Booth D06)

HTI Group launches new information format with Innovation Corner - The most exciting technology and energy trends in the live talk at Interalpin

HTI Innovation Corner

The HTI Group has a wealth of expertise - from ropeways, snowmaking systems, snow groomers and their networked use to the comprehensive digitization of ski resorts and systems for generating renewable energy. At Interalpin 2023, it will present an exciting new meeting place: the HTI Innovation Corner. Here, everything revolves around experiences with modern technologies, the future of sustainable ski resort management, and new directions in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In live talks and presentations, representatives of national and international ski resorts as well as experts from science will report on the effects of successful projects and venture a look into the future. The impulses are intended to show a cross-thematic status quo of the industry and offer trade fair visitors and listeners sound guidance for future investments and entrepreneurial decisions.

With the HTI Innovation Corner, the group of companies underlines its clear focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Customers and interested parties receive bundled information directly from the practice and everyday life of ski resorts. Selected topics of the live talks at the HTI Innovation Corner include possibilities of energy autonomy with renewable resources, digital ski resort management as well as artificial intelligence in the ski resort of tomorrow, planning sustainable ski events as well as increasing efficiency through the latest technologies in the areas of ropeways, snowmaking and slope preparation.

The HTI Group of Companies cordially invites all interested parties to participate and discuss together.

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