Mountain Innovations (Hall W / Booth W28)


Revolver – innovative and space-efficient parking

Mountain Innovations is the premium supplier in the development and manufacturing of individual experience options for the Alpine area and urban recreational areas. The vertical revolver magazine developed by Mountain Innovations offers space for up to 24 ROLLBOB®s and can be connected both above and below ground to the track system. After the ride, the bobs automatically roll into the magazine and can then be independently issued again, as required. This space-efficient parking system is unique in terms of its technical sophistication.

Catapult – chicken or hero

The Catapult from Mountain Innovations allows passengers to select the starting acceleration for themselves before their ROLLBOB®️ ride. This means an acceleration to a maximum speed either with an additional 0.7g (Hero) or purely through gravity (Chicken). This new technical feature guarantees an adrenaline rush from the very first second.