MR. SNOW (Booth FGW07)


Textile snow mats: Alternative and supplement to snowmaking.

The textile ski slopes from MR.SNOW offer a solution. The mats score points in terms of climate friendliness in several ways. They are durable and reusable, consist of a high proportion of recycled plastic and function without irrigation or cooling. In addition, the "snow of tomorrow" can be used to effectively save costs, because with the artificial ski slope, snowmaking can either be dispensed with entirely or drastically reduced. For example, textile snow has established itself as an alternative to snowmaking on lift routes. Elsewhere in the ski area or at the ski school, the mats can be used as a supplement to snow, as the snow crystals combine optimally with the patented structure of the mat, making it possible to ski excellently even with a small amount of snow. In this way, the amount of artificial snow produced can be significantly reduced - effectively saving energy and cushioning the increased energy costs. Thinking one step further, it is even possible with the synthetic ski slopes to completely dispense with snowmaking on smaller areas, such as ski schools.