TrackSystem Eco Mobility

For the first time, we are offering TrackSystems Eco Mobility for sale to customers across the world - ecological e-vehicles with TrackSystems caterpillar tracks. Up to seven seats are possible. The vehicles are quiet and do not give off any local emissions. TrackSystems Eco Mobility vehicles are very robust and easy to drive. Virtually anyone who can drive a car can also drive these vehicles. Imagine being at home, it’s -20° and you need to head off to the mountain lodge. Simply grab your mobile phone, select the vehicle from the app and activate the heating and heated seats. The battery is automatically set to be at full capacity for your trip. Current car batteries allow e-vehicles to drive distances in excess of 400 km when used for road transport. In cold temperatures and with caterpillar tracks, you can usually drive to and fro over 10 times carrying a load. 

TrackSystem Logistic

World premiere for TrackSystem Logistic. A 7 ton four-wheel drive with a hook lift forms the basis for our innovative TrackSystems Logistic. TrackSystems Logistic offers a range of various troughs and cabins for efficient transportation of people and goods. Imagine being able to transport your employees, guests, wood chips, food, drinks and waste all using the same basic vehicle. The only thing which changes is the vehicle attachment which can be changed in just a few minutes.