VOSTEC Rudat (Hall D.1 / Booth D22)


VOSTEC Snow Vacuumer

The new snow vacuum system makes the elaborate manual clearing of snow on rooftops and in difficult-to-reach places safer and more effective. With the Vostec snow vacuumer, you can reach places which are difficult to access with standard snow clearing technology. The snow is sucked directly into a hand-held suction nozzle or funnel on the end of the tube and is then transported away using a tube of up to 120m in length using a strong flow of air generated using a special high-performance blower. The snow can be blown back out again at any required deposit site using a 360° rotating ejector, similar to snow blowers. This year, the system will be used for the first time by the Alfred Wegener Institute in the Arctic for clearing a snow and ice cave.

VOSTEC Snowline

The compact suction devices in the VOSTEC Snowline range enable effective and safe cleaning of places which are impossible or difficult to reach using standard snow clearing technology or through time-consuming manual clearing alone. The clearing of rooftops in particular becomes much more safe and effective with the device. This means that it is no longer necessary to invest substantial manpower in transporting snow from where it fell to the edge of a rooftop for removal and returning back empty-handed to the clearing point in adverse weather conditions. The risk of staff suffering an accident is reduced to a minimum and at the same time, the risk of damage to roofs caused by snow clearing is also reduced.