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Reliable solution for numerous applications in the alpine industry

Green is not only the idea that drives the current trend towards a more ecological and sustainable future, but also the worm gear screw jacks and industrial actuators from ZIMM. A worm gear screw jack is an electromechanical actuator that can move and adjust loads precisely in a linear fashion. These actuators are both an economical alternative to hydraulic solutions, as well as offering a wide range of applications in the alpine industry. One example is their use in cable cars and ski lifts, where they control and regulate the movement of gondolas or chairs. These gearboxes are also used in snow cannons, are very robust and extremely reliable components. As they work reliably even under extreme conditions.

A significant advantage of industrial actuators and worm gear screw jacks over hydraulic solutions is the high precision of the load adjustment, as well as the mechanically controlled repeatability and adjustable speed. This accuracy applies to individual gearboxes as well as to synchronized complete systems, which can control several screw jacks simultaneously, operated by only one motor.

Finally, it should be mentioned that ZIMM gearboxes can be loaded with maximum force (nominal load) in tension as well as in compression. This is a huge advantage over other screw jack manufacturers. Unique to ZIMM is also our online product configurator, with which worm gear screw jacks can be configured conveniently, easily and quickly. The designer selects the desired gearbox, size and mounting parts and then receives the desired 3D data by e-mail.

We at ZIMM are proud to manufacture high-quality worm gear screw jacks for the Alpine industry and are convinced that they will continue to play an important role in the future.